All the rivers that drenan the of Lima territory belong to the basin of the Pacífico. They have short tour, beds with hanging forts and great variation in the volume of his waters. The principal ones are, from north to south, Fortaleza, Pativilca, I knew, Huaura, Chancay, Screamer, Rímac, Lurín, Bad, Omas and Cañete. In his banks and in that of the sea they agree the principal cities of the department.

The principal lagoon is that of Paucaricocha, located to 4 284 meters on the level of the sea, in the district of So much, Yauyos's province. It belongs to the basin of the Pacífico and to that of the river Cañete.

In addition, Lima there offers diverse resorts with thermal and medicinal waters, as the lagoon of Boza, The Gypsous one, Chilca, Chinchon and the mineral waters litinadas of Chancay, Chuquitanta and San Mateo.